Monday, November 23, 2009

Avant de nous dire adieu - Hän mennyt on

This song was first covered in Finnish by Markku Aro in 1976, but we present here the heart-felt female interpretation by Lea Laven from the year 1978 It's the version that was a bigger hit and also better has stood the test of time. The original song "Avant de nous dire adieu" (Before we say goodbye) was of French origin, performed in 1976 by beautiful Jeane Manson (b. Jean Manson). Jeane is an American model, singer and actress, who was Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Month in August 1974. Her entertainment career really started when she moved to France soon after she appeared in Playboy. Performing under the name Jeane Manson, she became a major recording star in Europe, with record sales exceeding 20 million copies. You can see Jeane perform the song, her first hit, here.

Here's the pair:


Magomusiikki said...

Tosi hieno kappale, äitiäni erityisesti koskettaa yhä uudelleen. Originaali kuulostaa upealta niin ikään. Itseni ikäistä tavaraa.

Anonymous said...

oma suosikki varsinkin puputin markun esittämänä