Sunday, November 15, 2009

California Calling - Eikö Muonio vastaa

Let's hear another forgotten gem from Kai Hyttinen (and it is requested, too). He recorded "Eikö Muonio vastaa" (Can't you reach Muonio) on the b-side of his 1972 single "Oi rakkain" (A cover of "Hello-A"). The witty lyrics were done by Vexi Salmi. Muonio is a city in Lapland, and Kai is knownt to be ardent Lapland fan. . The original song was called "California Calling" and it was small hit in Holland for obscure British band called Fickle Pickle. Fickle Pickle were a North-West London-based studio band, made up of producers, engineers and sessionmen, including a couple of ex-members of the legendary '60s Psych combo The Smoke. In 1970 they cut a cover of Paul McCartney’s ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’ Although it failed to register in the UK it made the charts in Holland, as did their follow-up, this "California Calling", which was penned by band members Geoff Gill and Denny Beckerman.

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