Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Harlekin - Rallimestari

We Finns have always been very proud of our rallye drivers. Ever since the 60's the Finns have won several championships in rallye racing. (But today they are mostly seeing the tail lights of one Mr. Loeb). I didn't know until recently that there was a song made in honour of those rallye masters. Anita Hirvonen sang about "Rallimestari" (Rallye Master) in 1968. It was on the B-side of "Those Were The Days" -cover "On nuoruus haihtuva" so maybe therefore it has been long forgotten. The original song was called 'Harlekin" (Harlequin). It was written by famous German singer and composer Hans Blum and performed by equally famous Swedish singer Siw Malmkvist. See previous finnpick of Siw here and here. She made a hugely successful career in Germany in the 60's and with this song she won the Baden Baden Schlager Festival in 1968.

Here's the pair:

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