Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Luglio - Ai ai ai ai ai

Kristian (see previous entry) did several covers of Italian beat schlagers. On of those was "Ai ai ai ai ai" that was released in 1969. It was on the B-side of a single and has been long forgotten. But it is a nice tune, worth to hum along. The original Italian song was called "Luglio"(July), and it was performed by the man that also co-wrote the song - Riccardo del Turco. We have met Riccardo before - see this entry. As the title suggests, this was a summer sog. It won first prize in "Un disco per l'estate" (A Disc for the Summer) -contest in 1968 and remained in the Italian Top 10 for fifteen weeks. Later the same year famous English group Herman's Hermits took the English version "Something Is Happening" into Bristish Charts reaching number 6. We present here also Herman's version.

Here's the pair:

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