Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'd Love You To Want Me - Sun äänes mua kaipaa

Kurre (real name Kurt Westerlund) had a short career as a successful pop singer in the beginning of the 90's. He won the popular TV - song contest 'Syksyn Sävel' (Autumn Tone) in 1991 and subsequently recorded couple of albums and several singles. On his 1995 album "Askel ajassa" (A step in time) was this song "Sun äänes mua kaipaa", which was a cover of worldwide hit song "I'd Love You To Want Me" written and performed by US singer-songwriter named Lobo. Lobo's real name was Roland Kent LaVoie and he was successful in the early 1970s, scoring several Top 10 hits. "I'd Love You To Want Me" was Lobo's biggest hit, climbing all the way to number 2 on the Billboard charts in 1972.

Update on 02.08.2009: Added the first Finnish version (in 1973) by Marion with the title "Rakkain" (Darling).

Here's the triple:

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