Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Adagio Cardinal - Koskaan et muuttua saa

Pasi Kaunisto (see previous entry) was extremely popular Finnish schlager singer in the beginning of 70's. His first hit was "Koskaan et muuttua saa" in 1969. It is also a song that Pasi is best remembered by. A true Finnish schlager classic. The original tune is quite extraodinary case, becouse theres' so little information about it. It was (as far as I know) an instrumental composition called "Adagio Cardinal" that was composed by Guy Boyer and Michael Vasquez. And that's about all I know of this tune. Guy Boyer was a French musician, mainly playing the piano and vibraphone in pop/variety groups in the 60's. He has also composed music for film sound tracks, radio and television. Michael Vasquez is quite a mystery. I have not found any information on him, which is peculiar, becouse if he has composed this most beautiful song, he should have been famous. This track I've found in the net bears the Michael Vasquez name label, but I'm not sure if it really is he (and his orchestra) - or Paul Mauriat who allegedly has made a version of it. But anyhow, it's really worth to listen!

Updated on 12.07.2009: added Raymond Lefevre's version.
Updated on 21.07.2009: added Danielle Licari's version (Sorry about the glitches).


Graham said...

Adagio Cardinal was recorded by Raymond Lefevre & his grand Orchestra for an album released as "Mozart 40 & Other Swinging Symphonies (AnRiviera Recording, Paris). The album gives supplies the names of the composers for all other tracks, but not this one!

DM said...

Thank you Graham for your info. I found Lefevre's version on his album called 'Soul Symphonies'. I have added it in here, becouse it is a somewhat different (more sombre) version. Arrangement is made of course by Raymond himself.

ovatsi said...

Ranskalainen Laulajatar Danielle
Licari, joka on tunnettu "laulamisesta Ilman sanoja" teki tuosta jonkunlaisen paikallisen hitin juuri noihin aikoihin Välimeren tienoilla.
En tiedä onko alunperin sävelletty hänelle vai ei- sehän on tiedossa
että suomalaiset löysivät Finnlevyllä tämän juuri instrumentaaliversion kautta.

DM said...

Kiitos Ovatsille infosta! Onnekkaasti löysin Daniellen version hänen 1969 albumiltaan "Classics Pour Une Voix", ja slisäsin tuohon soittolistaan. Epäonneksi kopio on aika rupuinen, joku on ehkä poistanut rajulla kädellä vinýylin räsähdyksiä ...