Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Alternate Title - Voitko lopettaa

Arto Sotavalta recorded "Voitko lopettaa" in 1967 and it was released on the B-side of his big hit single "Löysin rantein" (finnpicked here) The lyrics were written by Arto himself. The original song was written by Monkee Micky Dolenz as "Randy Scouse Git" while visiting England and after partying with Beatles. The nonsense title is a modern day English idiom (deriven from a popular TV show) meaning something like 'sexually aroused Liverpudlian jerk'. So, we can easily spot some odd reference to Beatles. The record company refused to release the song under that title and asked Micky to come up with an alternate title, And he did just what was requested. Hence the title "Alternate Title". The song was a Top 5 hit for The Monkees in UK, but was not released as a single worldwide. However, it was the last track on their "Headquarters" album. You can see them perform the song here in unfortunatle badly off-sync video clip.

Here's the pair:

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