Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marlena - Marleena

The beauty queen and singer Armi Aavikko recorded "Marleena" in 1986. It was relesed on Danny's album "Danny Ninja" on which Armi performed as a guest artist. It wasn't a success story at the time, which is sad, becouse it got that certain kind of appeal. The original "Marlena" was of German origin. The writers of the song, Wolfgang Jass and Wolf-Eckehardt Stein wrote many hits for Geman pop and dicso artists. One of the best known of their compositios is "Sun Of The Jamaica", which was a massive hit for Goombay Dance Band. And this song "Marlena" was one of the groups lesser known singles in 1985. Goombay Dance Band was formed by German singer Oliver Berndt (b. Jörg Knoch),.The band is named after a small bay on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia., where Oliver stayed in the 70's.

Here's the pair:

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