Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pepe - Pepe

Rauni Pekkala (see earlier entry) recorded "Pepe" in 1961. It was also covered by Brita Koivunen in the same year, but Rauni's version was more popular. Both used the same lyrics made by Kari Tuomisaari. The original song was written by German composer Hans Wittstatt in 1956 as "Andalusisches Mädchen" (Andalusian girl). Some years later it was transformed in English to "Pepe" and in 1960 it was interpreted by Shirley Jones in the film of the same name. You can see the performance here. In 1961 Caterina Valente covered the song and obtained a Top Ten hit in Germany. And I think that's where Rauni's song got it's inspiration.

Here's the pair:

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