Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Silver Threads and Golden Needles - Purjeveneet, makeet autot

Let's listen another track from H Band's rare and excellent 1978 album "Taival". In the song "Purjeveneet, makeet autot" (Sail boats, fancy cars) lead vocalist Ulla Tapaninen claims that money and expensive gifts can't buy her love. I was surprised to learn that this is probably the only Finnish cover version of the original country classic "Silver Threads and Golden Needles". The original version was recorded in 1956 by Wanda Jackson, who is better known for her rockabilly and rock'n roll interpretations. She even has been called 'The Queen of Rockabilly' and 'The First Lady of Rockabilly'. But Wanda started as a country singer in the first part of the 1950's and recorded a lot of singles mixing country with rock and roll in the latter part of the decade. From this era comes "Silver Threads", which of course has been versioned thousands of times, most famous being Linda Ronstadt's version. Compared to other versions there's one extra verse in the lyrics of Wanda's original.

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