Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Class of '57 - 5B kuuskuus

We resume out series of Country Covers. There are very few pure country artists in Finland. And even fewer country bands (singing in Finnish). However one example of this rare breed existed in the 70's. It released only one album (produced by Jussi Raittinen) called "Taival" in 1978 and faded into oblivion. The band was called H Band. I guess the 'H' was derived from the last name of Hyvönen brothers, who formed the nucleus of the group. The lead vocalist was Ulla Tapaninen, who later made career as an actor and stand-up comedienne. The A-side of their only single "5B kuus kuus" (The class 5B of '66) was a minor hit and fondly remembered, but sadly, rarely played today. The timeless lyrics tell about the different walks of life that students of a certain school class have taken in 10 years. The same theme is present in the lyrics of the original song "The Class of '57", which was a country hit for US band The Statler Brothers (finnpicked before, see here). The song was written by the band members Dan & Harold Reid.

Here's the pair:

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