Monday, July 27, 2009

My True Carrie Love - Pieni palanen kultaa

The group Kivikasvot from yesterday's Finnpicks were not primarily a recording oufit. They concentrated in TV work. But the members of the group all cut solo tracks. Most notably Matti 'Fredi' Siitonen, but also the other three original members. One of those was Georg Dolivo who recorded two singles. This "Pieni palanen kultaa" (A small nugget of gold) was on the second one in 1964. Georg was in the vocal group Kukonpojat (see previous entry) before joining Kivikasvot. The original is a rare song by Nat 'King' Cole (b. Nathaniel Adam Coles). It was the B-side of his 1964 single. Sadly - for being a such good catchy tune - it usually is omitted from Cole's compilation albums. This must be one of his last recordings, as he died in February 1965.

Here's the pair:

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