Friday, July 24, 2009

Meet Me In Stockholm - Me kaksi matkalla Tukholmaan

Yesterday's country cover was almost, but not quite, Tex-Mex. Today's song is definetely Tex-Mex even if it has been made in (and the lyrics tell about) Scandinavia. This song has always been my personal favourite, and I was pleasently surprised to find out that there were two Finnish covers (with different lyrics) made of it. And neither of these I had heard at the time of their releases! The first one "Me kaksi matkalla Tuktholmaan" (We two on our way to Stockholm) was done in 1983 by Eini (see previous entry), who was known as a disco queen, but succeeds very well in her interpretation of this country ballad. The second cover "Luoksesi Tukholmaan" (To meet you in Stockholm) was performed by the 'usual suspect' Kari Tapio (see previous entry) in 1991. This also is a very good version of the original song that was written and performed by Tex-Mex legend Doug Sahm (b. Douglas Wayne Sahm) He signed in 1983 with the Swedish label Sonet and recorded some singles and albums for it, and toured extensively in Europe. In my opinion this is one of the best songs Doug ever did. BTW, 'the slow boat to Helsinki town' mentioned in the lyrics, refers to the car ferries traveling on the route Stockholm-Helsinki and standing for the luxury liners that Finnish everyman can afford.

Here's the triple:

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