Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sail on - Muisto kaunis jää

Tuulikki Eloranta started her recording career in 1968. In the 70' she joined record company Love Records, famous for producing Finnish rock and progressive music. In this company, Tuulikki, however was some kind of oddball. She sang mostly schlagers and chansons. In 1978 she released album called "Niin lähellä" and one of it's tracks was this "Muisto kaunis jää" (A beautiful memory stays on). The original tune was called "Sail On" and it was written and performed by Warren Harry, a British songwriter and frontman of the group called Yum Yum Band. He had never hit with this beautiful song (or any other song for that matter), but some of his songs were hits for other artists, notably for Bucks Fizz. 

Here's the pair:

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