Friday, July 15, 2011

Denn Ich Liebe Die Welt - Mikä meidän nyt on

Katri Helena recorded "Mikä meidän nyt on" (What it is with us now) in 1972. It was the final track on her album "Lauluja meille kaikille". It was also released on the B-side of a single. The Finnish lyrics were written by Pertsa Reponen. The original song was composed by our old friend Giorgio Moroder, and there were several succesful versions recorded around Europe during the year 1972. The first one however was done in 1971 in Germany sung by Uschi Glas and produced by Moroder. In original German lyrics, it was called "Denn Ich Liebe Die Welt" (Then I love the world). The English language version "Everybody Join Hands" it was a hit for Debbie (b. Ria Schildmeyer) in Netherlands. But the version that inspired Katri Helena probably was the French one, done by Mireille Mathieu and titled "En frappant dans nos mains" (Clapping our hands). You can see Uschi's performance here , Debbie's here  and Mireille's here.

Here's the bunch:

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