Monday, July 11, 2011

I Get Around - Kuljeksija

Rahapula was a short-lived pop group in the 70's with a peculiar name (it translates to "Lack of Money"). It released only one album in javascript:void(0)1974. The title of which was "Lempiaihe". In addition to some own material the album contained also altogether 4 covers of songs made popular by Beach Boys. This "Kuljeksija" (The Drifter) was one of those (the three others were covers of "I Can Hear Music", "Cotton Fields" and "You Still Believe In Me"). It was released only as an album track and sunk into oblivion. Beach Boys had a hit with the original "I Get Around" in 1964. The song was written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love and features Mike on lead vocal for the verses, and Brian for the chorus. The single was their first number 1 in USA. You can see the band perform the song here.

Here's the pair:


Anonymous said...

Hi blogmaster ! :)

.. and welcome back from your sunny holiday ! My holiday have just begun today and the rainy days are coming. Bad luck.

But the issue:

Eric Lars Four was the band who recorded in finnish the song called Tarantella Joe in 1979. The original one (Same name) was made by Roberto Montecristo one year earlier. I have never heard the original one and maybe it's not available in digital form. I believe you have better contact to "insider sources" and can make the publication of pair of Tarantella Joe possible on this site. Hopefully, I got to wake up your interest. Let see ! :)


DM said...

Hi Tapsa,
I was looking for Montecristo's "Tarantella Joe" a couple of months back. But didn't find it - unfortunately. The song is on his 1978 album "Lady Sentimental". Which of course is (or has been) available at eBay. But I trust it will someday be in the 'free market'. And I will definitely publish it, being susch a gem of a song.