Monday, December 19, 2011

Stupid Cupid - Tuttu juttu

Arja Koriseva (see earlier entry) recorded "Tuttu juttu" (A familiar story) for her debut album in 1990. This particular track was not released as a single, but the album was very popular and the sales earned her platinum in 1991. The Finnish lyrics were written by Turkka Mali, a finnpicked artist himself (see here). It's somewhat peculiar that this famous song was not covered in Finnish prior to Arja's version. The original was namely "Stupid Cupid", a massive pop hit for Connie Francis already in 1958. The song was composed by Neil Sedaka and it was chosen (by Connie herself) to be Francis' single as it was in contrast to her preceding ballad hits (most notably "Who's Sorry Now").

31 Finnpicks to go.

Here's the pair: