Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Menina - Menina

Since this blog is going to be past it's lifetime when the next Eurovision Song Contest takes place, there will not be the traditional ESC Countdown Week next spring. So here's one song that would have been included in that countdown. Mimmi Mustakallio recorded "Menina" in 1971. Sadly, it was no hit. The original was an excellent song, also called "Menina" (a.k.a  "Menina do alto da serra", meaning something like "The high ridge girl"). It was the Portuguese entry in the 1971 ESC in Dublin. It was performed by songstress named Tonicha (b. Antónia de Jesus Montes Tonicha Viegas), and placed 9th, which was the best result for Portugal in ESC up to that point. You can see Tonicha present the song live in Dublin, here. BTW, this is the first song of Portuguese origin in Finnpicks.

71 Finnpicks to go.

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