Thursday, November 3, 2011

Andremo in citta/Oltre la notte - Kaiken kauniin rinnalla

Jari Lappalainen was a true Finnish One Hit Wonder. This 1970 recording "Kaiken kauniin rinnalla" (In reference to all the beautiful) was his only hit, and a big one at that. Jari is one of the most famous Finnish session musicians and his main instrument is violin, but he also masters mandolin, guitar and bass. In the 70's he also released some solo records as a singer. The Finnish lyrics for this song were provided by Sauvo "Saukki" Puhtila and the arragements by Jaakkko Salo. The original song "Oltre la notte" (Beyond the night) was the one of the two main themes in the 1966 Italian movie "Andremo in citta" (We're going to the city). The movie starred Geraldine Chaplin and it was a story of a woman, his blind kid brother and a partizan during the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia in World War II. The score for the movie was composed by Ivan Vandor, partner of Ennio Morricone. We present here the song as published in the soundtrack of movie. The Italian singer Iva Zanicchi later made a minor hit with the vocal version of "Oltre la notte". And that version was probably the one that inspired Jari.

70 Finnpicks to go.

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