Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wilma - Vilma

As a third (and last) entry in our miniseries "Scandinavian Novelties in Finnish" we present Ismo Kallio's 1962 recording of "Vilma". It was on the B-side of his big success "Arabi Ahab" (see earlier finnpick, here). l The "Vilma" charcater in the song, is Wilma Flintstone ("Vilma Kivinen" in Finnish), the level-headed wife of Fred Flinststone in the popular animated TV series "Flintstones" ("Kiviset ja Soraset" in Finnish TV). The song, however, wasn't ´included in the series and wasn't even originating from USA, but from Sweden where a revue artist and singer/songwriter named Owe Thörnqvist wrote and performed it. The swedish title for the song was "Wilma (Nya stenåldersvalsen)" (Wilma - new stone age waltz).

Here's the pair:

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