Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jersey Girl - Taivas sinivalkoinen

Our journey continues - from New York to New Jersey. Bablo (real name Marko Junnilainen) recorded "Taivas sinivalkoinen" (Bluewhite sky) in 2001 for his eponymous album. The song turned out to be Bablo's greatest hit, after being chosen for the theme song for a popular TV Drama series of the same name. Bablo has a distinctive voice not far from the one by Tom Waits, and it's only natural that this song was originally done by Tom Waits (b. Thomas Alan Waits).  It was called "Jersey Girl" and included on his 1980 album "Heartattack and Vine".  Waits wrote the song with his future wife Kathleen Brennan, who had been living in New Jersey, hence the name. In some urban dictionary "Jersey Girl" has been described as "born and raised in New Jersey, specifically the shore. beautiful in a unique way, has the ability to impress with salty hair and sand under her fingernails". Bruce Springsteen has later made a very popular version of this song.
Here's the pair:

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