Wednesday, June 1, 2011

School's Out - Koulut kii

Hassisen Kone was the most popular of the Finnish post-punk rock groups. It had a short but shining career in the beginning of the 80's. "Koulut kii" (Close the schools) was released in 1982. The lyrics written by the band's frontman Ismo Alanko, are perhaps even more provocative than the original. Ismo has made a very succesful career after the demise of Kone, in solo and in various rock combos. The original of today's finnpicked song was "School's Out", the classic youth anthem of Alice Cooper released in 1972. It turned out to be the big breakthrough for the band. You can see Alice perform the song live, here.

Well, Finnpicks's Out for summer, too. I'm on vacation for about five weeks now. So, HAPPY AND SUNNY SUMMER for everybody!

Here's the pair:

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