Thursday, December 10, 2009

You To Me Are Everything - Ei enempää voi pyytää

Petri Pettersson (see earlier entry) had successful but short solo career as a singer after he parted ways with the group Petri & Pettersson Brass. In 1978 he recorded "Ei enempää voi pyytää" (One can't ask for any more). The lyrics were - again - by Chrisse Johansson, who was extremely active lyricist in the 70's. The original song was called "You To Me Are Everything" and this mellow disco tune was a big hit for the Liverpudlian group Real Thing. It was the debut single by the group and it was co-written by their producer Ken Gold. It became number-one single in the UK, spending three weeks at the top in July 1976. It was some kind of a landmark, becouse it was the first single by a black British band to top the singles chart.

Here's the pair:

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